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Combine your VOLstate high speed Internet with RevTel local phone service and hosted PBX. Get incredible savings and advanced PBX features for less than you pay now to ATT. Hang up on ATT and get RevTel!
Since 1996 you’ve known VOLstate as Tennessee’s ISP. Traditionally that Acronym has stood for “Internet Service Provider”. That has been a great description of VOLstate for many years, but now we think of it as Tennessee’s Internet Solutions Provider.
We start with a basic service that all of our solutions leverage; reliable and high speed Internet connectivity. Using the correct amount of connectivity is important; buy too much and you are wasting your money, buy too little and you are not making maximum use of your company’s time. VOLstate offers a full suite of connections, from basic ADSL service to T1 and bonded T1 service to speeds up to 100mbps using fiber optic wide area Ethernet. Once that connectivity is in place, we add services to it. All of the following are ideal solutions that solve real day to day problems and needs of small business:
Data Backup and Disaster Recovery: VOLstate’s Datastash service is our online, automated daily managed backup service. VOLstate’s trained staff will install, configure, and monitor your daily backups. The backups are stored in our data center. See our Datastash website for more information.
NEW: RevTel hosted PBX. VOLstate’s hosted PBX service provides incredible phone features, local and long distance phone service, and uses your VOLstate high speed Internet service. This merging of Voice and Data provides business with huge savings, added features, and efficient use of their company dollars to provide essential services.
Network Monitoring Service: VOLstate can monitor your business network for you. Leverage our trained staff to be notified of any problems on your network before they affect your business. In most cases VOLstate can fix problems remotely before they affect you.
Spam and Virus Filtered Email: VOLstate uses state-of-the-art filters to protect your network from viruses, Trojans, spam, malware and a host of other threats that travel via email. Email is the most used and useful tool for business yet is the most vulnerable to attack. Protect your network with VOLstate’s spam and virus filtering service.